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JASC is the oldest student exchange program between the United States and Japan, the "Japan-America Student Conference" (JASC). Founded at the instigation of Japanese University students in 1934, the 59th Conference of JASC will bring together 36 students each from Japan and the United States. The month-long program will be held in Japan.

" Advocating Japan-America Participation in Global Change " is the very timely topic the 59th Conference will address. The Roundtable topics for the 59th Conference were chosen in the summer by the sixteen students elected for the national Executive Committees, eight from each side.

They are:

  • Creating a Global Citizen: Education Focused on International Concerns
  • Eastern and Western Popular Art: Who is Imitating Whom?
  • Innovative Approaches to International Development
  • Media Influence on Global Society
  • Nationalism: Patriotism or Xenophobia?
  • Opposed Identities: Ideology, Ethnicity, and Inequality in Conflict
  • Pacifism and Belligerence: Examining Different Perspectives on the Use of Force

Again, please support our 59th JASC.

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